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Family Tree of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Family Tree of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH father’s name was Abdullah. His lineage from his father is as follows:
Muhammad PBUH bin (the son of) Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib bin Haashim bin Abd-e-Manaaf bin Qusayy bin Kilaab bin Murrah bin Ka`b bin Lu-ayy bin Ghaalib bin Fahr bin Nadhr bin Kinaanah bin Khuzaimah bin Mudrikah bin Ilyas bin Mudar bin Nizaar bin Ma`add bin A`dnan.
Family Tree of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
Our prophet’s respected mother’s name was Aaminah. His lineage from his mother is as follows:

Muhammad j bin Aaminah bint (daughter of) Wahb bin A`bd-e-Manaf bin Zuhrah bin Kilaab.

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Both the families meet at Kilaab and thereafter the lineage is the same.

Muhammad’s paternal grandmother’s name was Faatima and his maternal grandmother’s name was Barrah. Muhammad’s family and tribe were named the Banu Haashim and Quraish respectively. Prophet Muhammad PBUH did not have any brothers or sisters.


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